reminder for Airgunexporter discounts


Reminder for extra discounts;

There’s various ways of getting yourself extra discounts on your next purchase;

1. Win the “pic of the month” competition; ($50 discount on your purchase of $250 or more)

So far for this coming month we have 1 picture submitted, see below.

You can send in your pictures until the 5th. of next month, and it’s an easily earned $50 discount if you win.

Tip: you can leave a posting on your local airgun forum, asking your airgun buddies to vote for you.

This will often help boosting the votes for your submitted picture.

This pic of a customized AA S200 was submitted by Andy.

2. Send us 5 new links for the links page; ($25 discount on your purchase of $200 or more)
Here we’re creating the biggest databank for airgunners available.

You’re receiving a discount on your next purchase, plus you’re helping other airgunners finding more airgun related websites.

3. Write a review of your last purchase with a link to Airgunexporter on your local airgun forum, and receive $25 off your next purchase of $200 or more.

Until next time & happy shooting,

Vincent & Jessica
Holcombe Trading Inc.

please email us if you don’t want to receive our mailings & we will take you off the list.

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