update 09-21-11

Dear fellow airgunners,

On 09-21-2011 we uploaded our new and improved website www. Airgunexporter.com;  you are now looking at the result of our efforts.

Since September 2008 Airgunexporter has been in the business of exporting airguns and airgun related products.  We are the only USA based online airgun distributor with a clear focus on the international market (99% of our orders are export orders).

Airgunexporter knows their business well. In these 4 years we have build a solid, good reputation in the world of airgunning.

 A few facts that we can present you ;

– From our start in September 2008 we shipped over 1400 airrifles and airpistols, accessories excluded;

-Airgunexporter so far has shipped to over 60 countries;  

-We now have close to 1850 people on our mailing list;

– Airgunexporter sponsors/supports multiple airgun- and airgun related forum. These are:

1 http://foro.cazaconaire.com.ar/ (Argentina)

2 http://www.tiradores.tk/ (Spain)

3 http://www.crosman-air-pistol-owners-forum.com/links.htm (International forum)

4 http://www.vuurwapens.net/forum/index.php (The Netherlands)

5 http://www.network54.com/Forum/79574/ (international forum)

And were open to more sponsorships, mail us if interested.

The success of Airgunexporter has also lead to another business we started, namely www.usashoppingservice.com

On the old Airgunexporter site we had posted a lot of feedback from our customers, and we’d like to build another fresh list of testimonials on the new website.

 So please share your buyers experience with your fellow airgunners, we’d like to continue to serve the international airgun community for many more years.

Best regards & happy shooting,  

Vincent & Jessica

Holcombe Trading Inc.



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