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Here you will find hundreds of links to airgun info and some great deals on custom made air rifles, parts and accessories. Airgun Exporter can also export customized or used airguns and parts for you; just shoot us an email and we’ll give you a free quote. Please email us to add a link or to report any problems with links.

Classifieds / Used Airguns & Auctions
American Airguns Ads (very active)
Crosman Airgun Classifieds (crosman items)
Gun (bidding / auction site)
Yellow Forum Classifieds (very active)  
Custom Airguns & Parts
Mad dog riflestocks. (nice custom made airrifle stocks)
Dave G (High end custom build rifles)
GL Barnes (The Rolls Royce of airrifles)
JDSairman (Need more air?)
Mountain Air Custom Airguns (custom made airguns)
Quackenbush (high power rifles & pistols)
TKO Airguns (parts & accessories for airguns)
Vortek Products (Spring tuning kits)
Airgun Reviews
Video Clips
FX challenge (promo video) youtube big bore shoot USA big bore competition youtube pyramid channel (lots and lots of clips) pyramidair video reviews (lots of review)
Printable Targets mytargets printable targets varmint al
Ballistics, Energy Calculators, Scientific

Airgun ballistics (scientific article)
FPE/FPS/ GRAIN/GRAM (Calculator / converter)
Various airgun related (calculators / converters)
Worldwide Airgun Forums & Info
airgun arena (forum & general Info)
koreanairguns (korean airguns forum)
gun-air-ac (French forum)
Airgunning Texas(local USA forum)
Air arms forum (name says it all) (general info & forum) (worldwide forum)
America’s F. Target Forum (USA field target forum) (South Africa forum) USA USA (UK airgun forum)
Cazaconaire Argentina Canada
BSA Owners Group (name says it all)
Chinese Airgun Forum (usa Chinese AG forum)
Crosman 1077 Forum (name says it all)
Crosman Airgun Forum (name says it all)
Crosman pistols owners (name says it all)
Crosman air pistol owners Netherlands
Eddies Airgun Forum (USA forum) Mexico
FX Owners (name says it all)
Gamo Forum (name says it all)
Gateway To Airguns (USA forum)
Fullaventura Argentina
Home Airgun Tuners (tuning tips & tricks) Netherlands Netherlands
Nodak Outdoors (USA forum)
NVF Denmark
Target Talk (USA forum) (USA airforce forum)
The gungeek India
Verminhunter USA
Weihrauch Owners (name says it all)
Fokke Mol (Dutch Airgun Enthousiast)
gun-air-ac (French forum)
Aandft Spain Spain
airgun.forenking Austria
American airgun hunter USA
airgunturk Turkey
Airgunhunters USA
Airgunsmith USA
airgun artisans USA
Airforce condor blogspot Spain Spain USA
Airforce accessories Spain
B-square mounts USA
Blue forum NZ Poland Romania German
down range forum USA France
Hunter’s supply USA India
Mrhollowpoint USA
Spring gunning forum USA
sonic-power Taiwan
Ujay’s site USA